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Default Triton T80si shower dripping from outlet

In article , Philip
In article , says...

Sounds like hard water issues perhaps?

Possible. We live in quite a hard water area, and our water softener has
been on the blink for a few months. Coincidentally, the shower leak started
on the same day that we had the softener replaced (with an EcoWater ESM 15

I'll try dismantling the solenoid valve (as per a suggestion on here from
Harry) and see whether the holes in the diaphram are blocked.

Otherwise I may just replace the whole shower. A new solenoid valve is
about 30, and a complete new Triton Alicante unit (with 2 year guarantee)
can be got for 85 on eBay.

Many thanks for all teh suggestions.

Thirty quid may actually be cheap compared with the potential re-work
involved in changing a shower with even slightly different elec or water

You may find that the Triton solenoid is the same pattern as an old
style washing machine one but with as split moulding on the output that
can be transferred to a replacement which may be available for as little
as 5-10. No current sources I'm afraid as the last time I did this I
used an in-stock W/M valve.
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