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On Sun, 29 Sep 2013 19:34:59 -0500, wrote:

On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 17:16:33 -0500, F. George McDuffee

On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 16:40:38 -0500,

I have a power steering cylinder that one end mounts on a 1.125" ball
stud. Stud needs to be about 2" long and somewhere around 1/2"
diameter. I've busted up old ball joints and tie rod ends. Nothing the
right size. RV sway bar balls are 1.250". Suggestions or source?



Take the sample in to your local auto parts stores. Even if
they don't and can't get, they may be able to identify the
vehicle this came off of. Then contact the dealer and/or
salvage yards with the info. Sounds heavy for a car, was
this off heavy equipment?

I bought these from Surplus Center. They have no more info other than
the size of the ball as stated in their description when I bought
these last 2 some years ago. They have no markings, labels, stampings
of any kind. The socket that fits on the ball is the valve for the
cylinder. It is built into the end of the cylinder. O'Reilly's and a
local industrial supply couldn't come up with one in their catalogs.

Even a ball I could drill and put a stud into would work. I haven't
been able to find any specs for CV joint balls. I've looked at a
hundred spherical stud rod ends. They give every dimension except the
ball diameter.

Thanks for your suggestion.

As this is machining related, should I put OT [on topic] on
the subject line?

If you have a manual lathe this sounds like a job for a
spherical turning tool. 1_1/4 diameter should not be that
expensive. Wonderful excuse for more tools... Piece of cake
to program on a cnc lathe.

make, borrow or buy a ball turning tool 9
(several larger sizes listed)

and a bunch more