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Default Two Faucets in Shower? Still Legal?

replying to gfretwell , mcadchri wrote:
gfretwell wrote:

On Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:44:02 +0000, mcadchri
This is the code text (IRC as adopted in Florida)
P2708.3 Shower control valves.
Individual shower and tub/shower combination valves shall be equipped
with control valves of the pressure-balance, thermostatic-mixing or
combination pressure-balance/thermostatic-mixing valve types with a
high limit stop in accordance with ASSE 1016 or CSA B125. The high
limit stop shall be set to limit water temperature to a maximum of
120°F (49°C). In-line thermostatic valves shall not be used for
compliance with this section.

Whether that means you actually have to use a "combination valve" is
open to conjecture but most AHJs seem to think that is what it says

Very interesting. I've been investigating this topic all morning because
we had a client who refused to change and just wants an unlicensed
handyman to do it. What more I'm finding out is that this is actually
nationwide, not state by state. It's related to (as you said) ASSE 1016,
which is the Scald Prevention measure. The Mass. Plumbing Code lists it as
Shower Controls.
When a flow control valve or shower head is designed to completely
shut-off and is installed on the outlet pipe from a shower control unit,
check valves shall be provided in the hot and cold water supplies to the
unit to prevent by-passing of hot or cold water. An exception to the
requirement above is when Product-approved shower control units are
designed to prevent bypassing.
1. All showers, shower stalls, shower compartments, gang showers, and
shower baths, either multiple or single, shall be equipped with an
approved adjustable self-cleaning and draining shower head.
2. The water supply to a shower head shall be supplied through a
Product-approved individual thermostatic, pressure balancing or
combination thermostatic/pressure balancing valve complying with ASSE
1016. The device shall conform to the following requirements:
the device shall incorporate a design that limits the maximum deliverable
temperature of hot water to 112EF; and
the device shall be designed to prevent bypassing of water.
According to #2 of the previous there is not much room for conjecture as
it states "shall be supplied through."
The Uniform Plumbing Code book, ISSN 0733-2335, states in section 420.0 -
combinations in all buildings shall be provided with individual control
valves of the pressure balance or the thermostatic mixing valve type. Gang
showers, when supplied with a single temperature controlled water supply
pipe, may be controlled by a master thermostatic mixing valve in lieu of
individually controlled pressure balance or thermostatic mixing valves
(pg. 30-31)."
Again this removes any conjecture form the conversation as these are the
regulations set by the regulatory agency that licenses plumbing
professionals. Any deviation from said regulations could be cause for
termination of professional license.

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