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Default Help understanding fan motor.

On Fri, 3 May 2013 12:49:54 -0700 (PDT), "

On Apr 29, 6:30*am, Splork wrote:

Pulled a fan motor from a large (new) assembly some years ago. *The best I could
do was to take some attached components along with it so I could sort it later.

The start cap and a High Voltage Module are there as well as the line cord. *The
switching assembly had to be left behind. *As it was on the street, I could not
do any better than I did.

I am scratching my head on how to wire this and want to use it.

Seems like a selector wired to connect the Red, yellow or brown to the ac input
the HV module has (bottom), and connect the other ac input that is going to the
black motor wire to the white wire (top side of the HV module) would make sense.

Supplies full power to the HV and motor start cap.

As noted, the 2 black wires have no ohmic relationship to any of the other wires
or the motor frame.

I failed to get a reading of the start winding to the other wires so I have some
homework to do before applying any power.

The cap, line cord (marked AC) and HV module are as it was in the machine.
The 12KV HV output wires are omitted.
Why one AC line went to a black wire (and apparently nowhere else) is a mystery.
I will undo the plastic covered crimp connector and see if I tore out another
wire that connected to them, but it looks like there were none.

Comments greatly desired

It sure would help if you gve the info on the motor nameplate as well
as the manufacturer's name, model, anything???

No nameplate or any other useful marking. I would have exhausted that before
asking for a comment.