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Default The Quarter Test

On 4/27/2013 4:29 PM, woodchucker wrote:
On 4/27/2013 5:25 PM, G. Ross wrote:
woodchucker wrote:
On 4/27/2013 3:35 PM, Leon wrote:
On 4/27/2013 12:03 PM, Leon wrote:
See Attached

Amazing, Leon. Just plain amazing.
I like it. ;-)

I was pretty impressed too. The first few times that I started it I
the SawStop blade mounted in case I had done something wrong, it was
in the
movie. That blade whined quite a bit. The carbide teeth are about
of the size of the ones on my Forrest blades. I did not do a side
by side
comparison but that is what I felt the difference in size was.
Anyway I
mounted the Forrest blade and zeroed the rip fence to the rule on
the front
tube. The Forrest was much quieter.

Damn, where's the sound... I wanted to here it too...

It's there. You may need a different player.

Thanks, downloaded and opened, and it was there.
Man that was loud.. was not expecting that with all the iron and
cabinetry. Was expecting quieter.

Me too, It was considerably quieter with the Forrest Blade installed.