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Default Another small deck

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Almost finished.
Clients wanted small deck with bench using Trex.

I noticed you used whole 4x4s for the railing supports. How much strength
does it add? Our deck uses 4x4s with half-laps cut out of the bottom, and
while carriage bolted through, there is a little give.

On a related note, we're going to have to redo the railings. The rails
that hold the lattice have started to rot away. I'm not a fan of the
lattice and would like to avoid the "prision bar" look for most traditional
rail systems. Any ideas for something different that won't break the bank?
Out of the various options I saw at Menards, I liked the wire best.


I have a Sunrise pattern I do with the 2x2s between the deck posts. Best
done in 30 inch sections, starting with a vertical in the middle and
then fanning out to the ends - I put the base of the next two tight to
the vertical and then put the tops 2 inches over, and continue to play
with the angle as I go.

sort of - but not exactly like: