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Default Another small deck

I do not like the bulky look of the 4x4 but it is strong.
When a 4x4 is cut to fit, like you stated , they are actually weaker.
On a 2nd story deck it could be hazardous, if not even on a deck say above
So, I use the full 4x4 for safety reason.

I do not like lattice since they use a lo grade redwood for the lattice
Usually sap wood and some redwood.
I would rather use a 1x2 or such.
I have many deck railings on my web page.
I like the use of the tension wire now.
We are working on an upcoming 2nd story deck with Tension Wire although it
is costly.
Stainless wire, with tensioners.
Also you need a top metal stiffener buried under the top cap to keep the
tension tight on the wire without, pulling on the posts.

I have seen some nice wire mesh used that is galvanized and cheaper!
I like it a lot.
Like cement wire....6 6 10 10
Or "hog wire"
I think it would work well.
A fellow used it on a deck, and I really like the feeling.
It had large square wire mesh...not small.
Copper Pipes? (expensive but nice)
Glass panels? (need washing and lots of support)
your guess is as good as mine.

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"jloomis" wrote in :

Almost finished.
Clients wanted small deck with bench using Trex.

I noticed you used whole 4x4s for the railing supports. How much strength
does it add? Our deck uses 4x4s with half-laps cut out of the bottom, and
while carriage bolted through, there is a little give.

On a related note, we're going to have to redo the railings. The rails
that hold the lattice have started to rot away. I'm not a fan of the
lattice and would like to avoid the "prision bar" look for most traditional
rail systems. Any ideas for something different that won't break the bank?
Out of the various options I saw at Menards, I liked the wire best.

Make it to fit, don't make it fit.