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Default Lag bolts vs. carriage bolts

You're right that they would be much shorter.

With that said tho -- they would be inserted into your base, into the
face grain. I've had really good luck with them; sometimes they can
be a PITA to install. Plan their placement; with out looking at your
design; I would say a couple in each foot would be needed to keep them
from torquing.

FWIW you'll want to make sure you get the "right" ones, some have very
coarse threads like a lag bolt except sharper, others have a more fine
thread, similar to a course stove bolt, but sharper. I like the ones
with the course threads, I found them easier to install, and don't
crush the wood quite as easily. Others may have their preferences.

Good luck...

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How about using threaded brass inserts into the base, then bolt
through the feet?

Since such inserts are usually much shorter than the lag screws that
can be used, I would guess that they would be less secure than the