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Default Lag bolts vs. carriage bolts

Thanks to all for the feedback. Love the web... acquired most of the
knowledge I most value about woodworking right here! Here are some

Lag bolts are indeed screws, as others have noted. Sorry... I
supposed I was primed by the misnomer posted over the bin at which I
bought these at the local home improvement warehouse.

Considerations of assembly-disassembly have entered my mind. While I
agree in principle that the c-bolts are better in this regard, they
would be less convenient for my particular configuration: The column
will overide the countersunk nuts in the plate, so to get to them (to
tighten or diassemble the feet) I would have to remove the columns.
Not so for the lags.

wrote in message . ..
On 7 Apr 2004 17:28:10 -0700,
(GonnyGump) wrote:
can you make the feet from continuous members? that is, opposing pairs
of scrolls cut on the ends of a 32" long board. half lap where they
cross, run a fastener through there into a cross brace in the column.
the load there would be so low it wouldn't matter what you use. it
would just have to be enough to carry the feet along if you picked the
table *up*

Now THAT would have been a good design. Wish I can say I had thought
about this in advance, but didn't. Nevertheless, I'm not sure it
would have worked, given additional details not mentioned (the
specific shape of the feet, constrains introduced by veneering, etc.).
However, most appreciative of the suggestion, which I hope will
inform future exploits!