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Default Lag bolts vs. carriage bolts

"Danny Boy" wrote in message
On 7 Apr 2004 17:28:10 -0700, (GonnyGump) wrote:

Bottom line: Which is stronger, lag bolts or carriage bolts?

For similar size, similar circumstances, bolting is stronger. Also,
later, bolts can be tightened. The real question is does it really
matter in your case?

exactly. either will 'hold'. if you need load ratings call the
manufacturer of the specific bolt you are planning to use.

however: carriage bolts are all metal. metal bolt, metal nut. you can
take it apart and put it together 100 times with no problem, pulling things
up nice and tight. unless you're practically trying to, you wont strip the
nut or the bolt.

lag bolts are really 'screws' and only as strong as what you screw them into
and your ability to not strip the threads by overtightening which can be
easy to do. and unless you drill the proper size holes and make sure you
have a long enough portion of the shaft with no threads to pass through the
first piece, lag bolts wont pull things up tight.

properly installed and tightened, its really a toss up. do it wrong,
c-bolts are better. if you ever need to take it apart, c-bolts are better.