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Default Impact driver Drill/Driver Kits

Leon wrote:
On 6/9/2012 2:58 AM, Bill wrote:
Bill wrote:
Puckdropper wrote:

I'd suggest looking for a two-tool kit. That way, you can chuck a drill
bit in one and a driver bit in the other and just swap tools. It really
is an efficient way to work. One thing to watch out for is sometimes
kits have the same drill or driver as the tool alone but it's only a
dollars more than just the tool.

I think Amazon started a $40 off sale on $200 Bosch Products today, and
Bosche is offering 2 free batteries:

So I ordered the 2 piece set above for a final price of $198, and will
get *4* batteries in all. The batteries sell for $50, so it's
complicated, but it's almost like getting two drills free! : )

I figure if I wear out 1 pair of batteries, I'll have a backup
pair--extending the life of the product.

Cheers, and thanks!


I received the Bosch kit today. Here is a quick comment:

The Bosch impact driver can seat a 3.5" deck screw into a 4by4 (no
predrill), remove and reseat it anew, and remove it and the screw looks
not too much worse for wear. It works for building workbenches too!

Good golley I should hope so, My 12 volt Makita impact will do the
same with 4", 5/16" lag bolts. My T15 Festool drill will sink those
screws as fast and or as slow as you want, Slow equals more control.

Yes, it's no difference to me whether I seat them in 8 seconds or 2
seconds; I spend minutes marking where they are going to go. Even
working quickly, I'm not over-driving them like I sometimes did with my
10-Amp drill drill. As swingman (I think) said, the impact driver
affords better control.

I'll write the following for the sake of people who don't know (like I
didn't 2-weeks ago). I no longer have to line up directly behind the
drill/driver and keep a lot of weight behind it. I'm still using 2
hands, but with the impact drill I can surely set a screw in a much more
casual posture--which is convenient for those "hard to reach" spots.
And, the chances of being able to quickly and easily remove a screw
driven with the impact driver is greatly improved. Hey, and no tail! : )