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Default Designing a work table - ATTN Bill "Workbench from worksmithshop.jpg" yEnc 20740 Bytes

On 05/06/2012 04:14 PM, Steve Turner wrote:
"Because yEnc is not an official Usenet standard, there are popular news
clients which don't natively support yEnc encoding. Outlook Express and
Thunderbird being major examples."

Last I heard Outlook Express (or whatever they call it now) didn't
support yEnc, but Thunderbird has for a long time. I was surprised when
I couldn't see the photo, because I've been able to view yEnc objects
for a few years using Thunderbird. The only times Thunderbird seems to
have issues is if something is transmitted in multipart posts because
it's too large to fit in one. I don't know if that's the case here or
not. Regardless, Thunderbird wasn't able to read the critter. At least
mine wasn't.

Also, there seems to be confusion over yEnc and .jpg. The photos were
probably in .jpg format - they were encoded using yEnc. So the original
poster probably did upload a .jpg but it was transmitted using yEnc
encoding which makes for a smaller file than say, MIME encoding. Think
of it sort of like file compression formats. You can have a normal text
document, and compress it using .zip or another format such as .lzh.
It's stil a text document, but no longer readible by a standard text
editor until it's decompressed. Similar situation with a .jpg image
encoded in an email message...

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