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Default the importance of truly clean contacts

I actually had a service manager at a local large auto parts and
service store which is part of a chain here in the Northeast tell me
that he didn't care about one customer's satisfaction, (mine). He had
lots of customers, and didn't need any more. I was so ****ed off I
wrote a letter to the president of the company. I was reimbursed for a
79.00 wheel alignment I had to have done elsewhere, I received a
100.00 gift certificate in the mail, and the asshole was fired as
well. Sadly, these days for the most part "customer service" is merely
two words, one that follows the other. And both have been circling the
drain for some time now. But you can always write a letter.

I intend to call Sprint, eventually.

By the way, the HP 4530s came back at 11:30 this morning, less than two days
after I'd shipped it, with a note saying the radio was defective and had
been replaced. (I'm not sure it was defective.) Anyhow, it was in the same
condition I shipped it, and another hour on the phone with a courteous,
intelligent (that's not sarcasm) HP guy did not resolve the problem. I'm now
resetting the routing to factory settings, and reinstalling the system, to
see what happens.