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Default Laptop motherboard required

I understand this, there are only two wires feeding the thing, dealing
with charging current while running is the job of the mobo. Aside from
bad connections most likely the mobo needs to be replaced unless you
know someone REALLY good.

But it's not an "easy" solution by any stretch of the imagination. If
I never work on a laptop again it will be too soon, unless the money
is very good. If the two laptops remain in the same household, it
would be easier to deal with charging batteries and swapping them off.
Everybody sleeps sometime.

I didn't do this completely, but I had it apart bigtime. This guy
makes it look easy, but let me tell you, you better have a steady
hand, know how the connectors work (I broke one), alot of patience and
really kickass eyesight.

Now, if this doesn't work, here's one of our ol' boys who figured aout
another way :

Show that last one to your kids.