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Default Laptop motherboard required

On Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:43:06 +0100, Adrian C

On 13/04/2012 19:18, David wrote:
My daughters laptop has stopped charging the battery. The battery is
fine in another identical laptop so I dont believe it is a battery
problem. The battery from the 'other' laptop will not charge in the
problem one.

I believe the easy solution is a new motherboard. The original
supplier no longer has any spares available.

The laptop was sold in the UK by Novatech but I think it is 'generic'
It has a model number L51II0 on the label on the base. It also has
'Made in China' 63GL51013-10 CM-2.

The motherboard was made by Uniwill. The only codes I am aware of are
ML 94V-0 E251244

Unfortunatly those two are codes which IIRC indicate the material of the
PCB, and the place which made it! Google either and count how many
products share the same, and how many folks are going nowhere with their
"can't find a driver" queries...

I did and there are a lot! I didn't have the manufacturer name when I
was searching before.

and a date (?) code 0704- 171. This is about right
for when it was bought.

OK, Uniwill L51II0 gets some hits.

Close but this is the L55, however there is a page for the L51. Thanks
for the pointer.

Probably not much help but this apparently was sold as an Advent 5303

Advent 5303 Mainboard Motherboard 92GL55060-C1 WORKING - 79

That is the L55 I think - mine is 63GL not 92GL.

For that price, I'd rather visit BigPockets?

Thanks for the hints which I will try to follow up.