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Default Trying to identify manufacturer of Multi-coloured ribbon cable

Not molex, but appears to be a European equivalent. The PC mount female
connector is a single row, the male connector is insulation displacement
with a series of holes for the wires to fit into then the clamp is
pressed on to secure.

The cable is 2.5mm/0.1" spaced multi-coloured insulated (standard
colouring) wires suspended in a clear PVC layer that separates each wire
instead of the wires' coloured insulation touching the next (like
computer hard drive cables).

The female connector is single row connector pins with staggered solder
pins, and has grey plastic body with a release clip on the rear that
latches to two tiny pimples on the male connector.

These are used in German jukeboxes.


Would like to know who made them so I can order the connectors!


John :-#)#

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