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Default Scotch airer easy winch

On 13 Apr 2012 13:05:57 GMT, John Stumbles

She's getting on and finding it hard to
manage the weight so I'm thinking of some sort of winch which would give
her a mechanical advantage, or maybe even some sort of electric gizmo. My
Google-fu isn't winning he anyone have any suggestions for sources of
suitable devices?

Take the two ropes to a wall mounted wheel (if not already fitted) and
then attach both to a small block and tackle with standing block
fitted to the wall.

Using a luff (one double and one single block) you will gain 3 or 4
times mechanical advantage without spoiling the look of the assembly. tem416432bee4

has a 6:1 advantage - which might be a bit too much but you could
always re-rig it.