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On Apr 11, 5:08*pm, Archon wrote:
On 4/11/2012 1:41 PM, William Sommerwerck wrote:

The following might be of interest. More likely it will provoke a "Duh. I
knew that." response.

Since last July, I've had occasional problems with my cell phone's charger.
The plug sometimes refused to make stable contact. The other day it got so
bad I couldn't charge the phone.

I stopped by the nearest Sprint office, and was given the runaround by two
smiling b****es. They had no replacement chargers, nor could they order one.

smiling b****es?

Nope, don't get that crossword dictionary didn't help
either. bullies? baldies? blondes? not going to get mad at smiling
blondes eh?

biddies, or perhaps budgies in a variation of a Monty Python sketch.