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Default Switchcraft EPS1 slide switch

Michael Karas wrote in message
[This followup was posted to and a copy was sent
to the cited author.]

In article , says...

these things
this one now has a delatch force 600 gm one way and 800gm the other. As

easier retrofit fudge perhaps a disc of rubber, sandwiched at either end

the mounting screw, would bind the slider well enough to the chassis and
still allow movement

Does this application have the 230V / 115V legends coloured over with
black paint?

The fix could just be some hot melt glue squirted into and around the
screw driver slot with a small loop of wire or string embedded into it
so the glue wad can be pulled out at a future time if needed.


Michael Karas
Carousel Design Solutions

The ratings are embossed on the sw body but where the pins cme through, so
manufacturer must mark the chassis. For 110/240V selectable equipment only
used in the UK at 240V, I often insert a bent solder tag between such sw and
chassis at a mounting bolt, to lock into place. Too easy for a drunk
musician to change the sw trying to repair faulty kit.
But this use is for a relatively high speaker current slide switch rather
than mains