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Default Getting Up To Speed

On Mar 25, 7:03*am, Bruce Esquibel wrote:
Ron wrote:
I trid to find a remote with the elusive EP button but no joy on any
of them. Does anyone know how I can change the tape speed on this old

Would of been handy if you gave the model, but I don't think RCA made any
of these units, probably a rebadged Funai or worse.

Yep, but I got the thing "as is" and if there's a model number
anywhere, it's buried on the back of a 50 lb unit...

Just taking a guess, a lot of those combo sets used a menu to set the
recording speed, not a button. So if it has onscreen menus and arrow keys on
the remote, try those arrows (left/right mostly) to see if it switches to
another one for the vcr settings. At some point in time they decided record
speed was a set-once feature.

Ahhh, here's the problem: according to the menu to change the tape
speed, one needs only to press the *clear* button... but there is NO
"clear" button, nor does any button pushed act as/like a "clear"
button. Oy!


Toshiba made some with a dedicated sp/ep button on the remote, so it's
entirely possible but without a model number, only guesses.