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Default Schematic For Recotron Wireless Speakers?

Doug White wrote:

They do have a volume control, but how useful that is depends on where
they put it in the food chain. Certainly worth a look if I can't scare
anything up.

Recoton also has a large number of patents, and I thought I might get
lucky with one of those. Unfortunately, a lot of them are unrelated, and
none of them include any detailed schematics (sometimes they do). The
guy behind Recoton was Larry Schotz, who was pretty creative. I found
his original patent (4829570) for sending the audio over the power lines
(I had those speakers a long time ago as well). No real info on the 900
MHz FM wireless speakers. I may just have to open one up ? try to sort
it all out. If he used a commercial FM decodeer chip, there may be a
clean spot where I can tap into the lines comming out of that. There is
also a left/right/mono selector switch that would be a likely spot to
inject the audio.

I used to visit their outlet store near Orlando. All the electronics
was imported from various Asian countries. All they did was warehouse
it there, and ship it out to stores. I doubt there was ever a schematic
for it in the US, since they used to sell piles of defective
electronics. They would test & repackage returned electronics, and dump
the rest. They also had other brands of accessories they did buybacks
on, to get stores to switch to their brands.

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