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Default Television Magazine (1986/87).

Michael A. Terrell wrote in message

Ian Field wrote:

Please does anyone have scans of the spectrum analyser project from late

early 87 Television magazine?

The project is to rearrange a mono portable so a vertical TB derived 30V
sawtooth sweeps the tuner varicaps, while the AGC switches the beam

line by line to indicate the relative position and amplitude of any

the UHF tuner finds.

The project was in several installments, starting (I'm fairly sure) late

Unfortunately the relevant issues seem to have become missing from my

Have you tried 'Google Books'? A lot of old magazines have been
scanned and can be read online. You can't save the images but you can
use 'Print Screen' to copy it in pieces, if they have it.

You can't have a sense of humor, if you have no sense.

Unfortunately it seems unlikely. search term "television" too numerous and
no magazine/periodical sub-section , IWS, in
I tried "wireless world" and only 2 editions

Does it need representative ISBN range numbers?

Anyone more familiar with that bit of google?