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Default Breaking epoxy glue spots before desoldering ICs

"Jon Elson" wrote in message

N_Cook wrote:

I've got inundated with work. I will be , sometime, taking some 1mm
diameter high carbon steel and grinding to a shallow tapering blade and
then tapering the edges a bit. Locally heating and trying to put in an
elbow. Then a pair of these could get in either side with 0.3mm gap and
each turned to expand to 1mm . I guess, would put in enough force to break
some of the glue spots at least, and not the traces

I think the component glue is easily softened at high temperatures.
I think that is by design, so during reflow, when the solder melts the
glue allows the component to be lowered fully into the solder. So, if you
were to heat the entire chip to reflow temperatures, the glue would likely
be quite soft. A hot-air desoldering rig ought to do the job perfectly.


Good post Jon. The glue melts before the solder does.