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Default Breaking epoxy glue spots before desoldering ICs

On Dec 20, 12:04*pm, "N_Cook" wrote:
William Sommerwerck wrote in message


Is there any way you can push a thin screwdriver blade under the IC, then
twist? I'd expect THAT to pop the IC loose.

There is only about 1/3 mm of free space between rear of IC body and the
pcb. I may try putting a joggle in the stem of the blades and grind the
blades to a shallower angle and reduce the width and maybe that will be

Any physical force is likely to tear the traces. I use Chip Quik for
the pins first, then pry up the IC using a small jeweler's
screwdriver. ChipQuik releases the solder connections so that the
traces remain wihtout damage. I have done 1000s of these without any
problems, even with the high density pins.