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Default After nutsack atheists complain, Marines reviewing whether to let Camp Pendleton cross stay. Let Recon handle the atheists once and for all.

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Maybe you don't like atheists, and that's your problem. But do you
have to be so ****ing stupid about it?

Why do Atheist have to be so damned stupid?

If atheists wernt flat stupid..they would simply shrug and smile at
the quaint religious believes of the Bleevers and go on with their
lives. But no..yall have to stick your nose in and act like utter

Another moron that just doesn't get it.

Yes, you are.

Cite where in the Constitution a cross is prohibited on the base...or,
just run away.

Google Utah trooper crosses. 14 crosses honoring the spot where a Utah
trooper died in the line of duty were ordered removed. Any that are on
State property will have to be removed, but any on private land will remain
as private shrines according to the landowners. Citizens have vowed that
any removed will be reerected on private land as close to the old site as
possible. Believers can not shove their beliefs down atheists throats, but
the opposite is true. Why is that?

Not to argue about which is preferable, but it's the First Amendment, Steve.
The government cannot establish a religion, and that's been interpreted to
include any sanction of a particular religion, or even to religion versus
secularism. In this case, "secularism" means freedom from any religious
involvement in state functions.

Again, you decide for yourself if you like it or not. But that's the answer
to your question about "why."

And why would anyone have a problem with a cross to honor a fallen public
official in the line of duty. Not to mention the $$$ spent by both sides.

There was a spin-off of this issue where roadside crosses erected by loved

..ones to honor the spot where a loved one was killed would also be banned,
and all existing ones would be removed and thrown into the landfills.
Anyone installing one in the future would be subject to a fine if caught
while installing said monument.

We are progressing nicely as a society, eh? Guess it falls under that hope
and change thing.

It falls under that Constitution thing. It doesn't always produce results
that people like.

Ed Huntress