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Default Hot electrolytics

I had pulled a number of bulging but otherwise looking as original 16V,
470uF of the same date code from this monitor - make HERMEI LT 105 degree C,
purple wrapper
First one took to 190 degree C , wrapper shrank but not fully back over the
rim. Outgassing before that and final colour very dark plum.
Axial shrinkage of the fully shrunk one about 75 percent from edge of open
end at top to the pin end rim , ignoring unaffected other open end at the
Looks as though this shrinkage is a cycling cold/hot effect as the shrunk
one was a plum colour.
Tried another taking the temp only up to the plum colour , about 180 deg C,
also visibly outgassing at that temp
Comparing to additive colour of a pc monitor
unaffected purple of original 200/240/100/215/0/215
180 deg colour 200/240/75 / 165/0/165
190 deg colour 200/240/55/115/0/115