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Default Acceptable ply

I always thought that pegboard would be ideal, years ago until we used some
at work and found that unless you outline all the tools, marking their
places, multiple "holes" end up with a mess. Of course this is much worse
with multiple users, too...LOL
The hooks always ended up expensive and falling out was a problem for us

The reason I am interested is setting up a shop, slowly and the wife has
volunteered a Tool Chest for Christmas and I am shopping for the best for
price. Never had one before and wondering how my tools will end up
organized. I like the idea of keeping some sawdust out of them. Fighting
with drawer depths, right now and they really like to hide that figure on
the more economical units.

I think it will end up being a combination of storage techniques, for sure.
I have my fingers dirty in so many trades, just finishing building a house,
ourselves. Smaller projects will be a welcome rest for our backs. Then there
is the interlocking driveway we put off 'till spring.... I need a
Chiropractor, Masseuse and Ibuprofen dispenser on retainer.

"tiredofspam" wrote in message

Yes and no on the peg board.
I have a wall full of tools. I keep all my planes in a recommissioned
dresser. I like the plastic locks that peg board has these days,less
fall of then they used to.

In my machine room I have ply on the walls. I like the customization
that I can do with the ply. I should shoot some images of my shop.
Somethings are really neat. Like the card catalog that I got from a
local high school for $10 during an auction.. I lined the bottoms with
1/8 luan and have excellent organization drawers.

The peg board can easily be reconfigured. And I have done that many
times. Once my son went to college I took over the area I built for him
for my machines... So the peg board allowed quick changes. I support the
peg board frequently (with pine squares that I made and drilled thru) so
I can hang heavy objects, and they keep out of the way.

I like wood though, and have thought about bringing the ply walls to my
main shop. But then everything has to be redone, and that takes away
from project time.

Many times I make my own racks that fit on the peg board. I just
straighten L shaped hooks and drill holes in my racks... So I get what I
want without fussing to much. I'd rather be building something than
working on fixing up the shop. Sometimes L hooks plus dowels..

Lot's of possibilities, quick tool recognition...(although I can lose a
tool right in front of me)...

On 11/2/2011 10:01 PM, Josepi wrote:
Looks like skid quality stuff!

I picked up some nice pine plywood real cheap from HD a year ago on a
trail (for me and the store) and they aren't getting any more in stock
**SIGH**. Yeah I picked up what I needed but one piece became an
extension for my dining room table for last Christmas with 20 guests.
Now the project is starting this winter.

BTW: would you use the pegboard if you were doing over again?

"tiredofspam" wrote in message

Yea I knew that ply has its problems... but come on sticking luan in a
baltic / finnish pack.. BTW the face has many filled voids with that
nice beautiful filler. Not what I would expect again from baltic/finnish
birch. Nor would I expect the voids..