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Default Hacking APC UPS's "Master/Controlled" Feature?

I just bought two APC ES 750s.

The feature set touted on the box cites a "Master" outlet that
controls several "Controlled By Master" outlets.

My expectation was that the "Controlled" outlets would run on
battery until the "Master" device shut down.

The idea is that we can keep the router/switches working while
the NAS is on backup, but that they will not drain the battery
once the NAS shuts down.

Reading other threads, it seems like the "Controlled" outlets are
not really controlled by the master in the case of power loss:
they just shut down immediately.

Direct experience confirms this.

The Question:

Has anybody hacked one of these things so they actually function
as advertised? i.e. when power is lost, the devices connected to
"Controlled By Master" outlets stay powered up until the device
connected to the "Master" outlet shuts down.

My inner electronic/electrical illiterate is hoping that it might
be a simple as disconnecting a couple of wires in there and
re-connecting them to a different place.