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Default Asus N7600GS (red dots and lines)

On Oct 28, 4:37*am, Franc Zabkar wrote:
On Wed, 26 Oct 2011 13:45:08 -0700 (PDT), Jack00
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I got this graphics card in my PC and the picture on the monitor
displays red dots and lines and sometimes goes away but returns
again. *I had to disable the driver for this card as Windows XP wont
boot in normal mode ie shows a black screen but in safe mode XP boots
but with red spots and lines and the picture goes purple if you try to
browse on the internet. *Is there any tests I can do with a
multimeter? *Or maybe get hold of a circuit diagram?

Those symptoms are consistent with a fault in the card's RAM. By
switching to a different driver, you are accessing difference areas of
memory. Also, if you select a lower refresh rate, this may mitigate
any timing issue.

Did you check the fan and capacitors on the card?

- Franc Zabkar
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I did check the capacitors and some were high with a capacitor meter
so I replaced them and the card worked for a few days but the symptoms
returned again. The power supply voltages going to the card seem
normal. Are there any tests I can do on the card?