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Default Wanted CCFL tube for 22 inch widescreen LCD

Hi, fixing this for a friend. TV is a cheapo Argos (Wharfedale) 22 inch
widescreen. One of the backlights has failed, causing the inverter to
shut off after a few seconds. Confirmed failed lamp using a spare CCFL
tube I have laying around. LCD panel (Samsung) has 4 tubes, 2 at the
bottom and 2 at the top. Tube measures 480mm end to end. Wires are very
closely soldered to the tube ends. Has anyone got any laying around,
perhaps on a broken screen? Or where would be a good place to get one (UK)

I can pick one up online, but they seem to have longer ends for the wire
connections, so we would probably have to get one with wires presoldered
on, or go for one slightly shorter.

Getting the panel apart to gain access to the tubes was fun, I expect
even more fun putting it back together and trying to keep it clean.
Probably not really designed to be opened up, but the LCD itself is good.