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Default Sony CDX-C5000 head unit, TUX-020 tuner module failure

On 15/10/2011 17:49, William R. Walsh wrote:

From my experience on
probably not the TUX but some sort of firmware problem or a problem on the
front panel if its like those Sony XR-C5300
cant help more than that , its a "repair" job that got away

A friend of mine was repairing a radio using a similar TEA-series IC.
I don't recall the exact details, but the IC "seemed" to be doing most
of the right things while reception just never happened. When audio
did come through the set, there was a lot of hash and other noise in
the signal. Every other piece of circuitry checked out.

He replaced the IC and the radio sprang immediately back to life.


I have to say I am suspicious of the i.c, as initial comparisons between
the 2 modules don't show any notable differences in component values.
The i.c itself seems to handle virtually everything aside from the tuned
circuits. I am suspicious that I have 2 faulty chips, one with an RF
amplifier or AGC fault or something along those lines, the other with a
fault in the tuning section.

I may well see if I can grab the i.c. and try it if it's cheap enough.
It may be difficult soldering up since there are quite a few large
components around it, which may make access awkward.

Thanks for the info