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On 9/20/2011 9:48 AM, Ralph E Lindberg wrote:
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Leonlcb11211@swbelldotnet wrote:

On 9/19/2011 6:54 AM, Keith wrote:
If I owned Saw Stop I'd be worried! Some of you likely already saw
this...for those that didn't this is a device that is re-settable and
can be installed on a table saw, a band saw etc. I understand that with
the Saw Stop, onc it's activated, you have to replace the cartridge and
it's not cheap.

With this invention you can re-set it as many times as necessary! The
video is worth watching. No price yet....

Keith P

Why would you be worried about owning a Saw Stop? Yes you have to
replace the cartridge and blade, $200 but how often do you actually
touch the blade now? And if you do have to replace the blade and
cartridge it is better than the alternative event that it prevented.

Well, I have a friend that owns a cabinet shop, and he has replaced
the saw-stop cartridge twice. But he still loves it as he is replacing
the other table saw this winter with another saw-stop

The Whirlwind has the major drawback that you have to use the guard and
you no longer have a splitter or riving knife. With out the splitter or
riving knife you will have more burned cuts.

I take it you didn't bother to actually watch all of the promo videos,
including the one that shows how it works with a riving knife

I'll take your word for that, I got bored with all the videos. Still
IMHO the guard is going to be the biggest obstacle when trying to
convert seasoned wood workers.

The big plus with the SawStop is that you get a top of the line saw in
addition to a safety mechanism.

Whirlwind will be a good alternative but IMHO it may have inherent draw