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On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 09:24:16 -0230, Keith

If I owned Saw Stop I'd be worried! Some of you likely already saw
this...for those that didn't this is a device that is re-settable and
can be installed on a table saw, a band saw etc. I understand that with
the Saw Stop, onc it's activated, you have to replace the cartridge and
it's not cheap.

With this invention you can re-set it as many times as necessary! The
video is worth watching. No price yet....

Keith P

Well, I'm not worried. I have a home shop - in a 2 car garage and
bought a Saw Stop about 2 years ago. Most accurate and best damn
table saw I've ever owned or used!

I bought it mainly to alieviate my wife's fears and mine - see I have
an artificial leg (above knee amputee) and since I have little or no
control over my knee, I sometimes fall. I wanted that piece of mind
that if I'm at my table saw and my knee buckled, I would not be
seriously injured....WELL WORTH THE $2500 INVESTMENT!