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Default Collett slipping

Keith, I will try not to make the same mistake the other three have made.
(HEY guys he is talking about the Morse Taper coming loose.)

The problem is, you have a glaze either on the morse taper on the chuck or
up in the spindle. Being basically lazy, I would wash both the Morse Taper
on the chuck and up in the spindle with Acetone or Mineral Spirits and
reinsert the chuck and see what happens.

If that does not work, I would take a piece of 400 silicon paper and burnish
the Morse taper on the chuck. Then reinsert has you have been doing and see
if it sticks. If it does not, the probloem is in the spindle and you will
have to get somewhat creative on how you break the glaze in it. ONE WORD OF
CAUTION: Do not get carried away with the silicon paper, or you will mess
up the Morse Taper.


Keith wrote:

Anyone run into this???

When I put a large bit in my drill press, even going very slow the bit
stops in the wood and the collet lets go from the press when I raise it
up. So...the bit (a 3 1/2 Starrett bi-metal hole saw bit) stays in the
wood. I tried another bit (A large Dewalt forstner) and same thing.
The chuck won't stay in the collet.

I turn off the press, lower the press onto the tapered piece and the bit
will lift out of the wood. I tried removing the bit and then pressing
the chuck very hard onto a piece of wood to try and set it, but it does
the same thing again.

Keith P