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Default What happened

On Thu, 04 Aug 2011 18:44:16 -0230, Keith
I'm guessing that you had 2 problems, green wood and what appears to
be an end grain bowl..
I might be reading the picture incorrectly, but it looks like you
basically hollowed a section of branch, turning end grain..
End grain bowls have a muce higher rate of cracking because they
contain the "pith" or heart of the tree or branch..
The pith is where twisting starts as the wood dries and is usually cut
out of a bowl blank before turning it..
As a general rule, wood takes about 1 year per inch of thickness to
dry.. Sealing the ends will slow the drying time and prevent some of
the cracking..

On the rare occassions that I get green/wet wood, I turn it as soon as
I get it, to final thickness.. The piece is sanded and oiled while on
the lathe and then set aside..
THin turnings will warp, which I want them to dom but will rarely
crack unless the bottom or a lit is left thick..
Glue Clamp it) it back together and let it sit for a few wekks and
see if it continues cracking..

I had a section of some kind of tree that Hurricane Igor lambasted, The
ends were coated and it sat for about 6 moths - most of it in the shed
outside where winter cold had a go at it for several months. I brought
it inside and this week, two months later decided to make a bowl for a
the friend who gave me the wood. (actually brought it from their home
500 miles away!!)

It turned out very nice and I was surprised at how light colored the
wood was...My wife was to deliver it to the friend this weekend. THEN
#$$#@ a small crack appeared and this morning it was split on one side
top to bottom.

I had sealed it and waxed it What happened?? I notice the same thing
happens with Lilac tree here. First time running into this.

Here's before and after:
Keith P