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Default Composite video from Compaq Armada e500.

On Sep 8, 9:10*pm, wrote:
BIOS is usually at 640x480 but Windows sets it much higher.

It was back in 2011-03 or so that I connected the Panasonic TV
to the Armada and have forgotten some details. I did set X to
640x480 and find the display on the TV still not resolved.

How closely is the composite signal tied to the built-in video on
a laptop? I wonder whether software can control composite
output independently of *VGA. Even so I'd wonder what X could do
to make the TV image fail.

I do video for a living and I have no idea what those scope traces

The sweep is set at 1 ms and trigger coupling is to TV-H. How
do you connect a scope to the composite output on a computer
and what is the usual display?

Thanks, ... Peter E.