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Default "waffle" pavers?

"Nate Nagel" wrote in message
Anyone know what I'm talking about? Concrete pavers that look like a
waffle, or something open... you can set them in your yard to make a
walkway that doesn't get too muddy, but grass still grows up through the
holes. Or they can be used to make another parking spot, without it
looking like another parking spot.

Do any of the big boxes sell them?

What is their proper name, so I can call around and ask?



replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.

Not sure what the proper name is. Call a few block suppliers or search for
"green driveways".

I have seen a few boat parking space locally that were built from your
standard old 8x8x16 blocks sit on a gravel base and filled with dirt. A
herringbone patter looks better that just placing them in rows.