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Roy Gordon
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Default OT (kinda) High School Wood Shop

Lewisville HS in Texas has a good program going. I visited their shop last
spring and came away green with envy. Almost every tool in the place was a
Powermatic except for the 36" drum sander. Even had a panel table attachment
for the table saw.

My next-door-neighbor's daughter in her junior year made a grandfather clock
that took third in state competition. In her senior year she made a secretary
similar to the one featured in FWW a couple of years ago. It not only took
first in state, but was Grand Champion at the national level. Wish I could
build something that pretty!


leonard wrote:

Not here in Howard county Maryland anymore I bought the last of the (new)
equipment last year.
"Larry Laminger" wrote in message
Are there any good programs left out there for the kids?

big snip

Sorry for rambling on.
Larry G. Laminger