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Lazarus Long
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Default OT (kinda) High School Wood Shop

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:39:54 -0600, Larry Laminger

Killing a little time here waiting for the Colts game.

The high school I went to was all about shop. It was/is a trade &
technical school.

First year was exploratory shop where each student had a few weeks of
each shop available. I recall there being automotive, wood, metal
working, plumbing and electrical. There was also the required
subjects like english, math and science. Starting in sophmore year a
student would specialize in one particular shop. The guys that took
plumbing ended up going for 5 years instead of 4, but came out with an
apprenticeship, and hopefully a journeyman's card eventually.

All that was fun, but the best time I remember was woodshop in grade
school. Not much in the power tool area, but sawing up some boards by
hand, hand planing & sanding were great. There was also a little
metalworking. That was limited to cutting out an aluminum disk and
making a serving tray out of it. I don't think they do that anymore.

My dad made some stuff, not much. He thinks my own interest is
hereditary. His father built lots of furniture. He passed away at
the incredibily young age of 48. I never got to meet him.