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Larry Laminger
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Oh, the Colts played today?!?!?

Kevin Craig wrote:

In article , Larry Laminger

Killing a little time here waiting for the Colts game.

It wasn't the Colts game. It was the New England game. Indy just
showed up, sorta. (And I was rooting for them, dangit!)

Two non-calls were crucial. Interference on consecutive passes, 3rd &
10 and 4th & 10; the first was questionable, the second was blatant.
Either would have allowed the Colts to advance, but neither was called.

Of course, if you're counting on a call when you're playing catch-up,
with 1:46 left in the game, you can't blame the officials. The
officials didn't throw 4 interceptions and boot a snap through the
endzone, after all.


Larry G. Laminger