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Default How strict are egress inspectors?

bryanska wrote:
So... classic story of "measure twice, cut once".

I installed an egress window well myself. The hole for the window has
not been cut (I am subcontracting that). So for the past week I have
been digging, and I finally bolted the well to the foundation and

However, now that I measure twice, I see I might be a couple inches
short of the 36x36 requirement for clear opening in front of the
opened window.

It's more like 36" deep by 34" wide.

How serious are the inspectors? Do they vary?

I suspect code inspectors vary my locale, on most days, you
can't get them to enforce codes unless it is a cosmetic issue. On other
days, not so....we had an inspection of seawall work "red tag" for two
days because there was water (high tide) in the hole prepared for
pouring concrete for tiebacks...this was afternoon of one day. Cont.
called the inspector to return the following morning when there was no
water in the hole. The guy didn't show up for another day. Always
wondered if the crew had another job to work on or whether an entire day
was wasted. have choices, the best being to correct the situation. Tough
choice, but I'd be tempted to call the code enforcement office, speak
with a supv., and ask the question. Got a building permit?