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Default How strict are egress inspectors?

On May 25, 1:17*am, Oren wrote:
On Mon, 24 May 2010 22:46:27 -0400, "Ed Pawlowski"

there is always the inspector on a power trip just looking to pick nits.

Have your inspection scheduled on his day off. :-//

Rub his head with spin grease?!!

Talking about 'egress' inspection ................... did the OP get
out of it?

Also, if asked, try saying, "But knowing the requirement I ordered a
36 inch window well, and that's what THEY provided!

BTW who is it around here who posts "If there is some nit to pick,
some nit-wit will pick it".

Maybe there should be a 'Nit-index'. Ranging from zero for something
that makes complete sense from a safety viewpoint to say ten for
something that makes no sense whatever and is just the personal
opinion/preference of some inspector!