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Default User Manuals/instructions for IDEAL Concord WRS 255A needed

"Tony Bryer" wrote in message
In article ,
Fred wrote:
p.s. I do not understand the underlying logic of
companies that do not provide on-line archive of
older user-manuals.

You're assuming that they still have the texts available in
machine readable form. They may well be in Ventura for DOS 3.3
or somesuch.

There is no reason why all manuals of all products they have ever made can't
be on the web for anyone to download. It is not a difficult thing to do.
They want you to buy new products, yet a company that gives excellent after
sales tends to keep customers when they do buy again. CRM is something some
companies don't know the meaning of. Chaffateux have all their manuals
downloadable, as do many others.


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