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Neil Jones
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Default User Manuals/instructions for IDEAL Concord WRS 255A needed

(Fred) wrote in message . com...

But I was just calling the lovely company
Ideal Boilers Ltd (Tel01482) 492251) that
happens to be the manufacturer of the boiler
in my house.

The reason for my call was I do not have
any manuals for the operation of the boiler.
The kind customer service person told me that
the boiler was so old (eighties something) that
they do not have any manuals to send out.
Not even photocopies. Nothing.

Just as a follow up on Ideal Boilers:- I spoke to them about 6 weeks
ago for user and installation manuals for my obsolete Ideal Mexico S2
lump which is also 80's vintage I believe. The chap I spoke to was
really helpful and the manuals arrived in the post the next day.