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Default User Manuals/instructions for IDEAL Concord WRS 255A needed

"Geo" wrote in message
On 20 Oct 2003 04:15:32 -0700, (Fred) wrote:

Anyway, as the manufacturer refuses to provide
a manual for the safe operation of the boiler
they manufactured (which I find very, very
strange, I thought this was tightly controlled
business in terms of safety and regulations -
but what do I know...) I was hoping someone
might provide some information on the finer
art of controlling elderly boilers of the
type: IDEAL Concord WRS 255A gas boiler.

No fine points - it just keeps on working.
The dial gives approximate flow temperatures of
1 54
2 60
3 66
4 71
5 77
6 82 degrees C
For "summer" (hot water only) use 1 or 2.

For summer it is best to use or 4 to avoid condensation occurring in the
burner box.


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