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David Babcock
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Default Gluing fabric to wood

Any crafts store will have felt with a peel and stick backing, and it is by
far the best choice.
You can cut and test fit with the backing in place.
But two things need to be pointed out:
The felt has a habit of stretching if handled roughly, which would mean
trimming after the felt is in place,
The stick part is just that.....very sticky. It hold pretty good with casual
contact, so be very careful with placement after peeling.
I have seen it in over ten different colors.


"Vic Baron" wrote in message
. com...
I want to line some walnut boxes with green or red felt. What's the best

to do this? Would regular titebond glue work ok or should I look for
something else?


Vic Baron

Of course, I may be wrong, I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.