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Default Microswitches for Triton shower

"Andy Dingley" wrote in message
On 15 Jan, 01:46, "Clive George" wrote:
I think the main microswitches (the ones which switch the two elements,
controlled via the power dial) on my T80i shower are dead

I'd agree with Fred here. However also check the over-temp safety
switches. I've fixed some T80s before now; I've seen dead temperature
switches, but the microswitches seem to last.

I've already rejuvenated mine a while ago - the contacts got knackered and
weren't conducting, so I scraped them clean. This time I thought I'd have a
go at finding out if replacements were rather cheaper than the Triton
prices. I've not actually got them out in front of me right now though.

Fred, thanks for that, it's what I was looking for and most helpful. I'd
seen the honeywell one you mention and thought it looked to be the most
appropriate one, but it's nice to have reassurance.

R, I can find microswitches easily enough, but knowing which ones are
appropriate for a shower (form factor, electrical capacity) is what I was
after. And Maplin don't do ones which will carry enough current. (neither do