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Default Treated lumber and Liquid Nail

Dan Listermann | 2009-07-12 | 10:29:00 AM wrote:

I need to build a staircase from treated lumber and I would like to
use Liquid Nail along with the screws. Would I really have to let
the lumber totally dry first? If not, would it just be a waste of

If you wait for the wood to dry, you'll be waiting at least six months.
And that's if you keep it indoors, stickered, and dry. Treated wood is
so wet that driving screws into it makes puddles.

Wood shrinks mostly across the grain as it dries. The boards get
noticeably narrower, but not much shorter.

As long as the wood is dry on the surface, the construction adhesive
will stick. There are lots of variations on the adhesive. I haven't
seen one specifically for decks, but I wouldn't be surprised to find
one. Read the labels, pick the one that sounds most like your
application, follow the directions, and you'll do OK. The screws are
going to do most of the work anyway.

Hint: Be sure to use the proper screws for your deck, else you'll get
stains on the wood and corroded screws.

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