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Default Best cable splitting strategy.

"Aaron Fude" wrote in message

I know that the cable modem must have a pretty strong signal so it can
be downstream from a few splitters.

But I need to put in at least one or two. Where the cable comes in (A)
I have a single TV. The modem is in the next room (B) where there is
another TV. I'm choosing between two options:

1. 2-way splitter at location A and a 2-way splitter at location B.
2. 3-way splitter at location A

Way 1 is neater, but perhaps the modem gets only 1/4 of the signal.
Way 2 is more cumbersome, but perhaps the modem gets 1/3 the signal.

So which way is better?

Many thanks in advance,


You might consider an active splitter such as:
but it requires AC power so needs to be located near an outlet.

Joe J