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Default dumb clothesline?

Ken S. Tucker wrote:

I think I have a new design, the boss (aka wife) likes.
I'll attach two pulleys to the wall High (HO) and Low
(LO) as per figure, (pulleys are the "O", there are 4),

|| ....clothesline A is HO to LO
|| clothesline B is O to Otree
LO Fig.

Between HO and LO is a clothesline A, to which I securely
attach O and clothesline B, that is raised from LO, when the
hanging occurs to HO, when the hanging is finished.
Looks simple and ergonomic.

If wify likes it, I get anchovies on my pizza.

Cool! I am a little concerned that clothesline A will
'triangle' on you, reducing the amount of tension that
can be transferred to clothesline B. The 'pulley
carriage' solves that problem nicely.

Didja notice how this inventor angled his mechanism
so that the clothesline is tightened as it is raised?